Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Welcome to the Piedmont Triad Concierge Frequently Asked Questions page. Below you will find answers to the questions we are often asked about our company and services. If you are unable to find an answer to your question on this page please contact us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

What Is A Concierge And Personal Assistant Service?
A Concierge and Personal Assistant Service performs a variety of tasks on behalf of its clients. Almost any task not requiring the client's presence can be handled on his or her behalf, including service provider referral and liaison service, same day pick-up/delivery, gift shopping, reservation and appointment setting, internet and library research, event planning and coordination, and much more. Visit our service page for more details.

How Can Piedmont Triad Concierge Perform So Many Services?
While many service requests are handled directly by Piedmont Triad Concierge service professionals, other requests are handled by the company you specify or by pre-screened Piedmont Triad Concierge Service Partners. For example, if you need the services of a Moving Company, you may request that we work with your preferred Mover to execute the move. Otherwise, we will locate a pre-screened Mover on our Service Partner List who meets the criteria you specify.

How Do I Become A Member Of Piedmont Triad Concierge?
You may complete a brief membership application. Please contact us to request a FREE application. Please include a fax number as our applications are faxed for security purposes.

Must I Be A Member To Utilize The Services Of Piedmont Triad Concierge?

Non-members are welcome to purchase services on a Pay Per Use basis.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Member Of Piedmont Triad Concierge?
Many Concierge and Personal Assistant Services charge an annual membership fee in addition to charging for services rendered. Piedmont Triad Concierge, however, offers FREE memberships and access to Special Offers and Promotions for our members. Based on their service requirement, clients may then select the plan that best meets their needs. See our rates/membership page for more details.

Do I Have To Make A Long-Term Commitment?
Piedmont Triad Concierge members may purchase our Monthly Members Choice & Specialty Value Pack plans as needed. These plans allow members to purchase a preset bundle of services at a cost effective price, and our Pay Per Use Plan allows members to pay for services on an as needed basis. You may change from a Monthly Plan to a Pay Per Use Plan at any time. Our Retainer Option may be canceled with 30 days advance notice.

What If I Do Not Use All My Service Hours The Month They Were Purchased?

No problem. You may roll over any unused general service hours for an additional two months. Reservations, appointments, and other included Monthly Members Choice & Specialty Value Pack services do not roll over unless otherwise specified.

Does Piedmont Triad Concierge Handle Same Day Requests?

We will make every effort to fulfill any same day service requests, but we cannot guarantee their completion. We ask that you provide us with 24 hours advance notice for all service requests if possible. Additional charges will apply to service requests that must be completed within 2 hours of receipt. While we are, of course, available to you at any time, service requests which must be performed outside of our normal business hours or on national holidays will incur additional charges.

Do Piedmont Triad Concierge Service Charges Include The Cost Of Purchases?
Piedmont Triad Concierge is not able to front the money for any purchases as doing so would constitute a taxable event per North Carolina State regulations. Funds must be provided by the client when purchases need to be made.

How Does Piedmont Triad Concierge Handle Collecting Funds For Purchases?

Members may establish a Concierge account and fund purchases in advance. Members may provide Piedmont Triad Concierge with a credit card that we use as needed to make purchases on their behalf. Members may add Piedmont Triad Concierge as an authorized purchaser (at a preset limit) to their store accounts. For members with infrequent purchasing needs, a Piedmont Triad Concierge service professional will pick up funds before making the purchase.

Does Piedmont Triad Concierge Provide Or Assist With “Special” Client Needs Not Listed In Your Information?
Piedmont Triad Concierge will assist clients with almost any task IF the task is legal, ethical, and moral.

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